Block Caving Geomechanics - Second Edition

The Block Caving Geomechanics monograph, published in 2003, was extremely well received and deservedly lauded by practitioners in both the mining and geomechanics communities. This publication seeks to build upon that knowledge base and further articulate the more recent advances in the science associated with caving methods. It also represents the first in a new series of JKMRC monographs to be progressively released, covering such diverse topics as comminution, flotation, process mineralogy, metal accounting and statistics.

Caving is increasingly the mining method of choice for massive, low grade ore deposits. The various techniques and methodologies associated with the caving are now being applied on a global basis, though mostly in competent rock masses. They are also being increasingly considered in mining environments currently outside existing practice. The future technical challenges facing the Industry in such environments are considerable. Applications are now being assessed at greater depths, associated with significantly more problematic stresses and rock mass characteristics.

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