Postgraduate Theses

Alumni No. Initials Surname Year Degree Thesis Title
1 A J Lynch 1964 PhD Matrix Models of Certain Mineral Treatment Processes
2 D E Moore 1964 PhD A Mathematical Analysis of Mineral Breakage
3 T C Rao 1966 PhD Characteristics of Hydrocyclones and Their Application as Control Units in Comminution Circuits
4 P D Bush 1967 PhD Breakage in Ball Mills
5 J R Braes 1969 MSc A Digital Computer Simulation of the Flotation Process and Investigation of Some Possible Control Variables
6 P T Isles 1969 MEngSc A Mathematical Study of Mixing in Ore Storage Bins
7 D J McKee 1969 MEngSc An Analogue Computer Simulation of Industrial Flotation
7 D J McKee 1972 PhD Control of Chalcopyrite Flotation
8 M J Lees 1970 MSc Comminution Simulation
8 M J Lees 1973 PhD Dynamic Behaviour of Industrial Grinding Circuit
9 E Gallagher 1972 MSc Particle Sizing in Mineral Processing
9 E Gallagher 1976 PhD Optoelectronic Coarse Particle Sizers
10 N W Johnson 1972 PhD Flotation Behaviour of Some Chalcopyrite Ores
11 G G Stanley 1972 ME Autogenous Milling Plant Design and a Mathematical Model of an Autogenous Mill
11 G G Stanley 1974 PhD An Autogenous Mill
12 W J Whiten 1972 PhD Simulation for Mineral Processing
13 P Wickham 1972 MEngSc Comminution of Pebbles and Fine Ore
14 R H Cuttriss 1973 MEngSc Flotation Kinetics
15 G A Gault 1973 MSc Dynamic Behaviour of a Small Scale Grinding Circuit
15 G A Gault 1975 PhD Modelling and Control of Autogenous Grinding Circuits
16 D R Marlowe 1973 MSc A Mathematical Analysis of Hydrocyclone Data
17 S K Kawatra 1974 PhD On-line Determination of Copper and Lead in Mineral Slurries
18 E V Manlapig 1975 MEngSc A Digital Computer Model of Flotation
18 E V Manlapig 1977 PhD The Automatic Control of Chalcopyrite Flotation
19 G C Thorne 1975 PhD The Flotation Behaviour of Pb-Zn Ores
20 R L Wiegel 1976 PhD The Development and Use of Mathematical Models in the Computer Simulation of the Magnetite Taconite Concentration Process
21 J S Hall 1977 PhD Composite Mineral Particles
22 R D Morrison 1977 PhD High Tension Roll Separation
23 G A Duckworth 1978 MEngSc Optimisation at a Copper Mine
23 G A Duckworth 1981 PhD Simulation of Autogenous Mills
24 K R Leach 1978 MSc A Steady State Model for Coal Flotation
25 K Nageswararao 1978 PhD Modelling and Scale-up of Industrial Hydrocyclones
26 J F Thompson 1978 MSc The Separation of the Petrographic Constituents of Coal
27 M E White 1978 PhD An Investigation of Crushing and Screening
28 R J Doherty 1979 MEngSc A Study of the Copper Flotation Section of a Concentrator Treating a Complex Sulphide Ore
29 N Liyanaarachichi 1980 MSc Techniques for Insitu Measurement of Coal Overburden to Improve Fragmentation
30 R W Allan 1981 PhD Composite Particles in Pb/Zn Flotation
31 T H Kleine 1981 MSc Flotation Circuit Analysis Using Mass Balance Concepts
31 T H Kleine 1988 PhD A Mathematical Model of Rock Breakage by Blasting
32 S A Mays 1982 MSc Cyclones Used in the Coal Industry
33 H Askew 1983 PhD Simulation and Control of Dense Medium Cyclone Circuits
34 S E A Awachie 1983 PhD Development of Crusher Models Using Laboratory Data
35 I D Cauley 1983 MEngSc An Investigation of Tin Loss in the Sulphide Flotation Section of a Lode Tin Concentrator
36 N P Cleminson 1983 PhD Composite Particles in Complex Sulphide Flotation
37 F W Hess 1983 PhD Modelling Screens and Related Units
38 A J Thornton 1983 MSc Cassiterite Losses Treating Sulphide Flotation in a Tin Concentrator
38 A J Thornton 1986 PhD Adaptive Control of Froth Flotation
39 M G Casey 1984 MEngSc Automatic Control of Circulating Load in a Flotation Circuit
40 G J Lyman 1984 PhD On-line Analysis for Ash in Coal and Coal Slurries
41 B A O'Brien 1984 MSc The Beneficiation of Stuart Oil Shales
42 C A Smith 1984 PhD Dynamic Simulation of Sulphide Flotation Circuits
43 J Turner 1984 MSc An Empirical Model to Describe the Mineral Flow in an Inclined Launder
44 D W Lauder 1985 MSc Circuit Limitations in a Nickel Concentrator
44 D W Lauder 1989 PhD Flotation Circuit Performance Theory
45 C K McKenzie 1985 PhD Seismic Rock Condition Evaluation
46 S S Narayanan 1985 PhD Ball Mill Modelling Using Laboratory Breakage Data
47 T A Nicholson 1985 MSc A Study of the Role of Turbulence in the Flotation Process
47 T A Nicholson 1996 PhD Mathematical Modelling of the Ilmenite Reduction Process in Rotary Kilns
48 I A Scott 1985 MSc Particle Size Effects in Ore Preconcentration Using Dense Medium Cyclones
48 I A Scott 1990 PhD A Dense Medium Cyclone Model Based on the Pivot Phenomenon
49 D M Wiseman 1985 MSc A Prototype Process Analyser and Simulator for the Mineral Processing Plant Metallurgist
50 R A Alford 1987 MEngSc Development of a Flotation Treatment Flowsheet for a Partially Exposed Lead/Zinc Ore
50 R A Alford 1991 PhD Modelling and Design of Flotation Column Circuits
51 J J Dawes 1987 PhD A Study of Blast Vibrations
52 W A Hutton 1987 MEngSc Mathematical Modelling of Drum Scrubbers
53 M E Armstrong 1988 MEngSc The Measurement of Gas Penetration from an Explosive Charge
54 J J Davis 1988 PhD A Study of Coal Washing Dense Medium Cyclones
55 J M Graham 1988 MEngSc Simulation and Control in Coal Preparation
56 D Ilievski 1988 ME Mathematical Modelling of Coal Washability Curves
57 B M King 1988 MEngSc Computer Aided Blast Design Evaluation
58 K Leung 1988 PhD An Energy Based, Ore Specific Model for Autogenous and Semi Autogenous Grinding Mills
59 J D Lilly 1988 MSc Evaluation of the Effects of Blasting on Slope Stability at the Mt Tom Price Open Pit Mine
60 P J Baguley 1989 MEngSc Modelling and Simulation of Dense Medium Drum Separators
61 B M Bulow 1989 MEngSc The Quantitative Assessment of Muckpile Shapes
62 J H Heilig 1989 PhD The Analysis and Implications of Pyrotechnic Delay - Variability on Rock Blasting
63 T Kojovic 1989 PhD The Development and Application of Model - an Automated Model Builder for Mineral Processing
64 J S Anderson 1990 MEngSc Development of a Cone Crusher Model
65 R D Evans 1990 MEngSc Fragmentation in Blasting
66 B Lacouture 1990 MEngSc Control of Variable Gap Crushers
67 B B Lira 1990 PhD The Development and Application of an Energy-Based Ball Mill Simulation and Design Technique
68 S Morrell 1990 ME Simulation of Bauxite Grinding in a Semi-Autogenous Mill and DSM Screen Circuit
68 S Morrell 1993 PhD The Prediction of Power Draw in Wet Tumbling Mills
69 N L Paley 1990 MEngSc Image Based Fragmentation Assessment
70 R X Rong 1990 PhD Fundamental Studies of the Stratification Mechanism of the Jig
71 R L Yang 1990 PhD Modelling of Burden Movement and Muckpile Shape in Blasting
72 S Akutagawa 1991 PhD A Back Analysis Program System for Geomechanics Applications
73 O M Castro 1991 MEngSc Improved Model for Hydrocyclones
74 G P Chitombo 1991 PhD Field Measurement of Seismic Pulse Attenuation with Some Mining Applications
75 C F Corpuz 1991 ME Simulation and Optimization of the Philex Concentrator
76 W M Finch 1991 MSc Investigation of a Flotation Performance Theory
77 A Jonkers 1991 MEngSc Computer Control of Jigs
78 C C Russell 1991 MEngSc Control of Mineral Processing Using Expert Systems
79 E Villaescusa 1991 PhD A 3-Dimensional Model of Rock Jointing
80 W Yu 1991 MEngSc Properties of the Kalman Filter and its Application to Flotation
81 W R Adamson 1992 PhD Application of the Cross Hole Seismic Technique to the Quantitative Assessment of Insitu Rock Structure
82 A D Dance 1992 PhD Modelling the Electrostatic Separation of Mineral Sands
83 D W Ginsberg 1992 PhD Cluster Analysis for Mineral Processing Applications
84 P H J Grouhel 1992 MSc An Explosive Selection Technique for Optimising Blasting at Open Cut Mining Operations
85 M C Nott 1992 MEngSc The Effects of Atomized Xanthate Conditioning on Sulphide Mineral Flotation
85 M C Nott 1997 PhD The Effects of Atomised Conditioning of Xanthate and Dixanthogen on Sulphide Mineral Flotation
86 R Zhu 1992 MEngSc A Study of Dust in Mineral Sands Dry Plants
86 R Zhu 1997 PhD Measuring the Structures of Fine Coal Filter Cakes Using Image Analysis
87 A W Stradling 1992 PhD Mathematical Models of Dry High-Density Magnetic Separators
88 R K Tuteja 1992 MEngSc Mathematical Modelling of Dense Medium Cyclones
89 C J Wood 1992 PhD A Performance Model for Coal-Washing Dense Medium Cyclones
90 Y Zhang 1992 PhD Simulation of Comminution and Classification in Cement Manufacture
91 A R Cameron 1993 PhD Development of Techniques for Evaluating the Performance of Bulk Commercial Explosives
92 W J Dawson 1993 MEngSc Flotation of Coarse Chalcopyrite
93 H R A Exelby 1993 MSc A Model of the High Gradient Magnetic Separator Used for Kaolin Beneficiation
93 H R A Exelby 1997 PhD Aspects of Gold and Mineral Liberation in Gold Processing
94 J H Masinja 1993 PhD Mathematical Models of Dense Medium Adhesion
95 A S Siregar 1993 PhD An Investigation of the Washing of Weipa Bauxites
96 P Sunpetsiri 1993 MEngSc Muckpile Condition: Assessment and Modelling
97 T Li 1993 PhD Modelling of Blast-Induced Rock Mass Damage
98 M W Thomas 1993 MEngSc Mine Airblast Measurement, Analysis and Control
99 P A Walker 1993 PhD An Approach to the Assessment and Modelling of Rock Mass Damage around Underground Excavations
100 R Wedmaier 1993 PhD An Investigation of Failure Criteria and a Blast Wave Propagation Model for a Description of a Rock Breakage Problem
101 D M Weedon 1993 PhD A Model of Mineral Liberation in Tumbling Mills
102 D J Edward 1994 MEngSc A Study of Electrostatic Separation Models and Their Application
103 J P C Mutambo 1994 MEngSc Further Development of an Autogenous and Semi-Autogenous Mill Model
104 K R P Petersen 1994 MSc Vortex Chamber Modelling for Hydrocyclone Simulation
105 K S Sarma 1994 PhD Models for Assessing the Blasting Performance of Explosives
106 J A Willis 1994 PhD Modelling and Simulation of the Carbon-in-Pulp Gold Recovery Process
107 Y Cai 1995 MEngSc The Application of a Numerical Back Analysis System "CADAX" to Mining Geomechanics
108 G Chapa 1995 MEngSc Evaluation of Devices for Ore Breakage Characterisation
109 N M Djordjevic 1995 PhD A Study of Blast Induced Vibrations
110 M S Duffy 1995 MEngSc Investigation into the Performance Characteristics of Tower Mills
111 D Kowald 1995 MSc Automation of Grain Counting in the Mineral Sands Industry
112 M Li 1995 PhD A Study of Coal Washing Spirals
113 R M Selamat 1995 PhD A Basic Analysis of Rock Slope Stability Incorporating Blast Vibrations
114 F Shi 1995 PhD Slurry Rheology and Its Effect on Grinding
115 G P T Dzinomwa 1996 PhD Dewatering of Fine Coal Using Superabsorbent Polymers
116 S L Gay 1996 PhD Liberation Mining Using Particle Sections
117 E A Isokangas 1996 PhD Aspects of Process Control in Mineral Sand Dry Plants
118 L Kocis 1996 PhD Evaluation of Accuracy in Simulation of Mineral Processing
119 L F Tapia-Vergara 1996 MEngSc The Use of Structured Light for Particle Discrimination in Size Distribution Assessment
120 M A Vera 1996 MEngSc The Determination of the Collection Zone Rate Constant and Froth Zone Recovery by Column Flotation
120 M A Vera 2002 PhD A Touch of Froth: How Bubble-Particle Aggregates Take the Strain
121 C A Briggs 1997 PhD A Fundamental Model of the Cone Crusher
122 G W Elworthy 1997 ME Aspects of Froth Flotation With Respect to Zinc Metallurgy
123 R R V Rijapurapu 1997 MEngSc Evaluation of Control Strategies for an Industrial Grinding Circuit
124 K J Stewart 1997 PhD An Investigation of Ferrosilicon Corrosion in Dense Medium Plants
125 I K Asomah 1998 PhD Improved Models of Hydrocyclones
126 B K Gorain 1998 PhD The Effect of Bubble Surface Area Flux on the Kinetics of Flotation and its Relevance to Scale-Up
127 K K Nguyen 1998 PhD Flotation Froth Characterisation by Using Vision Technology
128 C G Scott 1998 MEngSc The Effect of Blasting on the Stability of Underground Excavations in Bedded Strata
129 I S Stephenson 1998 PhD The Downstream Effects of High Pressure Grinding Rolls Processing
130 W Valery 1998 PhD A Model for Dynamic and Steady-State Simulation of Autogenous and Semi-Autogenous Mills
131 J Xiao 1998 PhD Extensions of Model Building Techniques and Their Applications in Mineral Processing
132 I D Brunton 1999 MEngSc The Effect of Blast Induced Transient Loads on Slope Displacements
133 H Delboni 1999 PhD A Load-Interactive Model of Autogenous and Semi-Autogenous Mills
134 M E Dunglison 1999 PhD A General Model of the Dense Medium Cyclone
135 K J Golab 1999 PhD Experimental Investigation of Fluid Flow on Spiral Separators for Ores and Coal
136 A Jankovic 1999 PhD Mathematical Modelling of Stirred Mills
137 R Kelly 1999 PhD Model and Industrial Investigation of the Sputnik Raw Coal Distributor
138 D Peel 1999 PhD Mixture Model Clustering and Related Topics
139 D C Rahal 1999 MEngSc The Effects of a Fluorosurfactant in Fine Grinding Using a Stirred Mill
140 J G Rayner 1999 PhD The Development of Process Models of the Wet Drum Magnetic Separator
141 O N Savassi 1999 PhD Direct Estimation of the Degree of Entrainment and the Froth Recovery of Attached Particles in Industrial Flotation Cells
142 L A Tondo 1999 MEngSc Phenomenological Modelling of Size Reduction Performed by a High Pressure Roll Mill
143 M Wilmot 1999 MEngSc Application of Automatic Control to High Tension Roll Separation
144 D D Zhang 1999 PhD Simulation Techniques for Discrete Element Models
145 J M Keith 2000 PhD A Stereological Correction for Multiphase Particles
146 Y Kolatschek 2000 MEngSc Modelling the Drop Shatter Process Using Lithotype Description and Single Particle Breakage Results
147 Y T Man 2000 PhD A Model-Based Scale-Up Procedure for Wet, Overflow Ball Mills
148 L S Pangum 2000 PhD Process Mineralogical Response of Fluorine Bearing Minerals in OK Tedi Ores
149 V H Tran 2000 PhD Improved Calibration Techniques for Nuclear Analyzers
150 J R Warder 2000 MSc The Characteristics of Nickel Flotation at WMC's Leinster Nickel Concentrator
151 P Bojcic 2001 PhD Development of a Model for Predicting Thickener Rake Torque
152 N J Harries 2001 PhD Rock Mass Characterisation for Cave Mine Engineering
153 S C Lymbery 2001 PhD Hydrodynamic Extension of Radial Fractures by Explosive Gas Loading
154 N Zhang 2001 MEngSc Determination of Mineral Composition from Elemental Assays
155 W S Ashari 2002 MEngSc The Form Generating Controller as an Alternative Control Technique
156 G A Banini 2002 PhD An Integrated Description of Rock Breakage in Comminution Machines
157 S R Latchireddi 2002 PhD Modelling of the Performance of Grates and Pulp Lifters in Autogenous and Semi-Autogenous Mills
158 C A Mawdesley 2002 PhD Predicting Rock Mass Cavability in Block Caving Mines
159 V S Subramanian 2002 PhD Measuring Medium Segregation in the Dense Medium Cyclone Using Gamma-Ray Tomography
160 M J Daniel 2003 MEngSc HPGR Model Verification and Scale-Up
160 M J Daniel 2007 PhD Energy Efficient Mineral Liberation Using HPGR Technology
161 B A Eadie 2003 PhD A Framework for Modelling Fragmentation in Block Caving
162 A K Majumder 2003 PhD Modelling of Flowing Film Concentrators
163 M M L Ng 2003 PhD Electrical Characterisation of Titanium Minerals
164 S Tello 2003 MEngSc Modelling the Effect of Mill Length on the Relationship between Slurry Hold-Up and Flowrate
165 R K Wattimena 2003 PhD Designing Undercut and Production Level Drifts of Block Caving Mines
166 M Ziemski 2003 PhD Modelling HTR Separation
167 G Cavanough 2004 PhD Measurement of Magnetic Susceptibility in Titanium Minerals Processing
168 M Dou 2004 PhD Automatic Mineral Identification Using BSE and EDS Signals from an SEM
169 S Esen 2004 PhD A Non-Ideal Detonation Model for Commercial Explosives
170 S F B S Hashim 2004 PhD Mathematical Modelling the Two-Compartment Mill and Classification
171 D P Obeng 2004 PhD The Three-Product Cyclone—Separation Performance, Potential Applications and Modelling
172 G R Power 2004 PhD Modelling Granular Flow in Caving Mines: Large Scale Physical Modelling and Full Scale Experiments
173 K Rich 2004 MSc Optimising Cone Crusher Performance
174 S M Vianna 2004 PhD The Effect of Particle Size, Collector Coverage and Liberation on the Floatability of Galena Particles in an Ore
175 M A Callan 2005 PhD Fitness for Purpose of Longwall Powered Supports
176 G E Flores 2005 PhD Rock Mass Response to the Transition from Open Pit to Underground Cave Mining
177 A R Guest 2005 PhD The Dynamic Breakage of Kimberlite in the Near Field
178 P D Hapugoda 2005 MPhil Rapid Measurement of Heavy Mineral Content in Wet-Plant Streams
179 Z Krco 2005 MPhil Interaction between Mine and Plant in Coal Processing
180 I A Onderra 2005 PhD A Fragmentation Model for Underground Production Blasting
181 P C Stewart 2005 PhD Minimising Dilution in Narrow-Vein Mines
182 R G Coleman 2006 PhD Using the Floatability Characterisation Test Rig for Industrial Flotation Plant Design
183 A E Halim 2006 PhD Study of the Influence of Interactive Draw upon Drawpoint Spacing in Block and Sublevel Caving Mines
184 J Hall 2006 MPhil Evaluation of Blast Fragmentation Models for Mine to Mill Applications
185 A D Latti 2006 PhD The Textural Effects of Multiphase Mineral Systems in Liberation Measurement
186 S P Michaux 2006 PhD Analysis of Fines Generation in Blasting
187 E Sanwani 2006 PhD Measurement and Modelling of Gas Dispersion Characteristics in a Mechanical Flotation Cell
188 D R Seaman 2006 PhD Selective Transport of Attached Particles across the Froth Phase
189 D J Alexander 2007 PhD Froth Recovery Measurements in Large Industrial Flotation Cells
190 R L Castro 2007 PhD Study of the Mechanisms of Gravity Flow for Block Caving
191 R A Hawkins 2007 MPhil A Piston & Die Test to Predict Laboratory-Scale HPGR Performance
192 M H Hilden 2007 PhD A Dimensional Analysis Approach to the Scale-Up and Modelling of Industrial Screens
193 H W Xu 2007 PhD A Methodology for Developing an Extensible Mineral Information Model
194 W M Jansen 2008 PhD A Strategic Approach to Mine-Mill Reconciliation
195 A J Power 2008 MEngSc Investigation of K-SB Flotation Model in Fine Coal Flotation
196 M Cakici 2009 MPhil Characterisation of Samples of Ore Particles Using X-Ray Micro-Tomography
197 G J Leigh 2009 PhD Multi-Scale Image Analysis for Process Mineralogy
198 J L Reyes-Bahena 2009 PhD The Effect of Regrinding on Flotation Performance
199 K C Runge 2009 PhD Modelling of ore Floatability in Industrial Flotation Circuits
200 X Zheng 2009 PhD Modelling of Froth Transportation in Industrial Flotation Cells
201 S Larbi-Bram 2010 PhD Ore Breakage Characterisation for AG/SAG Mill Modelling
202 S D D Welsby 2010 PhD On the Interpretation of Floatability Using the Bubble Load
203 N Mangadoddy 2010 PhD Improved Computational and Empirical Models of Hydrocyclones
204 Z Pokrajcic 2010 PhD A Methodology for the Design of Energy Efficient Comminution Circuits
205 R L Pascual 2010 PhD Determination of Flotation Model Parameters
206 L M Keeney 2010 PhD The Development of a Novel Method for Integrating Geometallurgical Mapping & Orebody Modelling
207 T G Vizcarra 2011 PhD The Effect of Comminution Mechanism on Particle Properties: Consequences for Downstream Flotation Performance
208 M A Min 2011 PhD Measuring the Floatability of Sulphide Minerals & Ores: The Captive Bubble Attachment Times of Galena, Sphalerite & Cannington Lead-Zinc Ore Particles Floating at Different Rates
209 C L Evans 2011 PhD Development of a Methodology to Estimate Flotation Separability from Ore Microtexture
210 F Musa 2011 PhD Development of Methods to Assess the Efficiency of Comminution Devices and Operations
211 C J Vanegas 2011 PhD Development of a Novel Froth Acoustic Emissions Sensor
212 R J Hocking 2011 PhD An Examination of Single Particle Rock Breakage Using an Instrumented Load Cell, Acoustic Measurement and X-Ray Tomography
213 P Botman 2011 MPhil Evaluation of Foliar Eucalyptus Oils as Coal Flotation Reagents
214 C Ozer 2011 PhD A New Multi-Component Model for the Vertical Spindle Mill
215 G Sheridan 2011 MPhil Magnetic Field Based Non-Contact Measurement of the Concentration of Magnetite in Slurry
216 R Varadi 2011 PhD Laboratory Methods for Characterising the Floatability of Ore
217 R Tabatabaei 2012 PhD The Causes for the Poor Flotation Performance of a Double-Refractory Gold Ore
218 R Hartner 2012 PhD Integration and Analysis of Optical and MLA-Based Microscopy for Optimisation of Geometallurgical Modelling and Ore Deposit Characterisation
219 N Danoucaras 2012 PhD Property-Based Modelling at Fixed Chemistry: The Use of a Back-Calculated Induction Time for Predicting Recoveries in Flotation
220 T Pham 2012 PhD Modelling of Breakage Phenomena in Rocks
221 V Rizmanoski 2012 PhD The Effect of Microwave Heating on Ore Sorting
222 V Jokovic 2012 PhD Microwave Processing of Minerals
223 G Ballantyne 2012 PhD Application of Dielectrophoresis to Mineral Processing
224 E Wang 2012 PhD Use of High Voltage Pulse Technology to Investigate the Mechanism of Mineral Breakage and Selective Liberation
225 E Tabosa 2012 PhD The Effect of Cell Hydrodynamics on Flotation Kinetics
226 B Comley 2013 PhD The Trials of Frother Evaluation for Industrial Scale Use
227 M Larson 2013 MPhil Experimental Study of IsaMill Performance Leading to a Preliminary Model
228 E Amini 2013 PhD Influence of Flotation Cell Hydrodynamics on the Flotation Kinetics and Scale up of Flotation Recovery
229 A M Rojo 2013 MPhil Effect of Ore Blends on Flotation of Copper and Molybdenum in Porphyry Ores
230 G Sandoval 2013 PhD Development of a Novel Strategy to Estimate Flotation Recovery as a Function of Particle Size and Mineral Liberation
231 M Bueno 2013 PhD Development of a Multi-Component Model Structure for Autogenous and Semi-Autogenous Mills
232 R Chandramohan 2013 PhD Effect of Rock Shapes in Comminution
233 G L Genn 2013 PhD Novel Techniques in Ore Characterisation and Sorting
234 C E Carrasco 2013 MPhil Development of geometallurgical tests to identify, rank and predict preferential coarse size by size Au deportment to support feed preconcentration at Telfer Au-Cu mine, Newcrest Western Australia
235 B Toor 2014 MPhil Quantifying the influence of liner wear on SAG mill performance
236 G Long 2014 MPhil Production of low arsenic copper concentrate from a VMS ore
237 A Rodrigues 2014 MPhil Grinding of itabirite iron ore in auogenous and semi-autogenous mills
238 B Newcombe 2014 PhD Characterising and predicting the performance of an industrial flash flotation cell
239 F Burns 2014 MPhil Development of a regrind-flotation pre-treatment methodology for the carbon-in-leach-circuit of a copper-gold processing plant
240 C Akop 2014 MPhil Developing a bulk circuit suitable for chacopyrite-pyrite ores with elevated pyrite content in copper-gold ore treatment
241 M Chauhan 2014 PhD Investigation of a mineral flotation separability test for ore characterisation in geometallurgy
242 S Bajic 2015 PhD Characterisation of the liberation kernel
243 X Chen 2015 PhD The effect of regrinding chemistry and particle breakage mechanisms on the subsequent cleaner flotation